Recent Rewatches/What I Watched

Recent Rewatches is designed as a collection of posts where I detail my reactions (less straight up reviews, because usually I’ve already written them) to films I’ve already seen. This has two purposes, one, to remind myself of the specifics of films I’ve already watched, and two, to track my (perhaps) differing opinions of films over time.

Recent Rewatches is a series that underwent a major change. It used to be just focused on individual films that interested me, then it went away for a while, and then I brought it back on a month by month basis. I think it works better now. Sometimes I don’t have a ton of new stuff to say about a film, but sometimes I can write paragraphs and paragraphs on it. But the point is, if I just wait until I find new stuff to talk about with a film, I probably won’t write about it all. But now it’s a monthly thing, and actually gets done.

And all of that WAS true, and is, but with a bit of change. I just added in everything I watched during the month, so I can informally review everything even if I don’t get a full review in.

The First Incarnation
Recent Rewatches: Argo, Citizen Kane, and The Master
Recent Rewatches: Skyfall and Anna Karenina
Recent Rewatches: Psycho and Lincoln
Recent Rewatches: Inglourious Basterds and Notorious

The Second Incarnation
Recent Rewatches: August 2015 (featuring Donnie Darko, To Be or Not to Be, Rear Window, There Will Be Blood)
Recent Rewatches: September 2015 (featuring Into the Woods, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Murder!, The 39 Steps, Shadow of a Doubt)
Recent Rewatches: October 2015 (featuring Notorious, The Parent Trap, Rocky, Rope, The Wrong Man)
Recent Rewatches: November 2015 (featuring Vertigo, North by Northwest, Psycho, Blue Jasmine, Dirty Harry)
Recent Rewatches: January 2016 (featuring The Birds, Marnie, McCabe & Mrs. Miller)
Recent Rewatches: February 2016 (featuring The Social Network, 3 Women, Holes)
Recent Rewatches: March + April 2016 (featuring Strangers on a Train, Days of Heaven, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, Zodiac)
Recent Rewatches: May 2016 (featuring Mulholland Drive)
Recent Rewatches: June + July 2016 (featuring Ratatouille and The Hudsucker Proxy)
Recent Rewatches: August 2016 (featuring Enemy, Nightcrawler, and Inherent Vice)
Recent Rewatches: November 2016 (featuring Goodfellas and The Gay Divorcee)

The Current Incarnation

What I Watched: December 2016
What I Watched: January 2017
What I Watched: February 2017
What I Watched: March 2017