Recent Rewatches: June + July 2016

So, this summer has been all about television and the rewatches for these two months continue that trend. I’ve been away so it’s not getting posted until now, despite not having any new rewatches for basically a month. Hopefully I’ll buckle down and make these posts better in the next coming months.

June 24: Ratatouille

After catching Finding Dory in theaters, I decided to go back to another Pixar favorite (though strangely, it wasn’t Finding Nemo). Ratatouille might not be their most outwardly impressive film, but I’ve always liked it. It held up pretty well on like the five millionth rewatch!

July 2: The Hudsucker Proxy 


Though I guess critics weren’t huge fans of it, The Hudsucker Proxy is quickly becoming one of my favorite Coen films. I’m not sure I really got anything new out of it this time around, but I did show it to my family which I had been wanting to do since I saw it the first time a couple of months ago. It went over pretty well, and now that everyone’s seen it, I can make references to it! Yay! (Ya know… for kids!) I continue to be amazed at the world created within this film, and especially at the absurd humor. If I noticed anything new, it would probably be that Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Katharine Hepburn imitation seemed a bit over the top this time around, but the film retains its charm regardless.

So there you have it, probably the most underwhelming edition of “Recent Rewatches” ever! I almost skipped it, but I already had these written… so I just went with it. Putting this up really makes me want to step up my movie watching in the coming month, hopefully I can accomplish that!

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