For the month of November Noirvember, I’ve decided to catch up with some classic pieces of film noir. The American 1940s-50s movement devoted to cynical fast talking anti-heroes, predatory femme fatales, smoky back rooms, “one last scores,” and dark shadowy pasts. From The Maltese Falcon to Touch of Evil, film noir has been an essential part of film history. 2015 was the inaugural year of this series.

Noirvember 2015: Ace in the Hole
Noirvember 2015: Kiss Me Deadly
Noirvember 2015: The Lady from Shanghai
Noirvember 2015: The Big Combo
Noirvember 2015: In a Lonely Place


I’m back in 2016 for another round of Noirvember!

Noirvember 2016: The Big Heat
Noirvember 2016: The Big Sleep