Blindspot Series


The Blindspot Series is a series of twelve posts spread throughout the year designed to offer bloggers a chance to catch up classic films we somehow may have missed. Started by The Matinee; 2015 was the first year I participated.

Announcement post

January 2015 Blindspot: Metropolis
February 2015 Blindspot: Titanic
May 2015 Blindspot: The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie
July 2015 Blindspot: Breathless
August 2015 Blindspot: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
September 2015 Blindspot: Yojimbo
October 2015 Blindspot: Pan’s Labyrinth
November 2015 Blindspot: Trainspotting
December 2015 Blindspot: The Seventh Seal


Announcement post

January 2016 Blindspot: Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
March 2016 Blindspot: The Rules of the Game
August 2016 Blindspot: L’Avventura
October 2016 Blindspot: Picnic at Hanging Rock
November 2016 Blindspot: Chungking Express
December 2016 Blindspot: Mon Oncle Antoine


Announcement post

January 2017 Blindspot: The Last Laugh
February 2017 Blindspot: Braveheart