Rating System Explained

I’m instituting a rating system around here, and I think it’s pretty clear but just in case it’s not I’ll explain it.

That’s what I said about my rather confusing previous system, but I think it actually applies in this case. I’m instituting the tried and true four star rating system. I’ve already figured out ratings for all of the films I previously reviewed, so I can already tell this is going to work a lot better than my former system. It is pretty self-explanatory, for real this time, but mostly for my own benefit I’ll share some of my thoughts.

4/4 stars: very good/great, the best of these films belong in the pantheon of filmdom, and the worst of them are still pretty much 100% recommendable

3.5/4 stars: very good, but lacking either the emotional involvement or technical quality that would push it up to a four

3/4 stars: good, this is your average film. It may not succeed on everything it does, or if it does, it’s not doing anything extremely profound. (Yes, profundity is part of my rating system.)

2.5/4 stars: I really want to give this film a three, but it only just fails. This film may be trying to do something interesting, but just doesn’t quite get there. It also may not be trying to do anything interesting, but does it only adequately.

2/4 stars: this is a film I consider bad. It may be trying to do something interesting, but it doesn’t matter because I can’t get behind the film, either because it’s just not well made or it’s just plain boring.

1.5/4 stars: I really don’t expect I’ll ever be going this low when reviewing a film, because I’m probably not going to be bothering. Likely as not the film will not have affected me at all. Maybe there were a few good things?

1/4 stars: This is a totally forgettable film. No redeeming qualities whatsoever and it didn’t even make an attempt at a good movie. It’s not so bad it’s good, it’s just plain terrible.

.5/4 stars: Why am I even bothering to review this thing? It’s not worth my time.

0/4 stars: This film must be reviewed because people must be warned. Stay away; this film is completely unwatchable. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Like I said, pretty self-explanatory. In case I have another crisis in film rating, I’ll be able to look back on this and know how to proceed.


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