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This page is basically just what it sounds like. If you have a suggestion for the blog, feel free to leave a comment below. It can be a film that I haven’t seen, an idea for a marathon, or really anything about the blog in general. I’m not promising it will get done, but I promise I’ll take it into consideration.

20 responses to “Suggestion Box

  1. So if i remember correctly you said you don’t really care for horror films? I don’t really either, but I have some that are far ahead of the rest that I didn’t see on your films list and of course some films I was actually surprised weren’t on your list. You should check this out if you have the time!

    30 Days of Night – 2007 Slade
    Bicycle Thieves – 1948 De Sica
    Boyz N the hood – 1991 Singleton
    Drive – 2011 Refn
    M – 1931 – Fritz Lang
    Requiem for a dream – 2000 Aronofsky
    The Shining 1980 – Kubrick
    The Thing – 1982 Carpenter

    While I’m hear can i just say that I love love love your site! I have been movie crazy of late. I have been on a mission to watch so many movies, thinking of majoring in film and stuff aha it’s quite hectic right now! Landing upon your blog and reading for around a hour now hasn’t helped in my efforts to finish my essay! I’m over here thinking I should make something similar to your blog. This seems more legit than tumblr and blogspot.

    You have a great taste in movies, and I feel like a lot of people are really missing out on these older films. Well if you were wondering what movies I like I would say some of my favorites are

    Rear Window, Vertigo, Strangers on a train, Dr. Strangelove, It’s a wonderful life, Drive, Boyz N The Hood, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Django, 30 Days of Night,

    Well that’s all for now I suppose aha – Jon

    • Yeah, horror films are not really my thing. Whenever I watch them, I lean more towards the psychological horror than just slasher or monster films. I can’t promise you I’ll watch 30 Days of Night (not a big fan of vampires), but I will get to all the others. I’ve added them to my watch list. I had The Thing, Drive and The Shining on there already, and I actually did try to watch M last October but unfortunately the youtube version didn’t have subtitles and I can’t speak German that well!
      I wish you good luck with your blog if you decide to start one! I don’t know about blogspot, but wordpress is way more legit than tumblr. I feel like most people that use tumblr just use it to reblog picture and gifs and stuff, not serious articles for the most part. Which is fine, you just have to keep in mind your audience.
      Nice list of favorites! Hope to see you again!

  2. Indeed hope you enjoy them! Well thank you for the good wishes! I need to find the spare time to even begin blogging! I’m drowned in college work.

    I had two quetions for you

    That’s what I was wondering you are a Boston college student.. how do you have all this time to blog!? My friend was saying that people who blog get paid, but it seems like you are running this out of your own love for films. Just wondering if you could clear that up for me


    If I did make a blog, How do you guy by attracting an audience? Word of the mouth and having a set target audience?


    • Ha ha! “Drowned in college work” is something I know about! Working on my final paper for English today, almost done!
      I do not get paid, unfortunately. I can’t really help you on that, I don’t know how I could have gotten paid for it or I probably would have tried to work it that way! I know a lot of blogs run ads, so I’d guess that’s where it comes from. I suppose I wouldn’t want ads here though, anyway.
      As for time, I really don’t know! I guess I just make time for it. Last semester I had classes that were a lot more time consuming than I do this semester, so last semester I only did about three reviews a week and now I try to do five. Over winter break I did my best to build up a stockpile so I was ahead of the game well into March. Next fall I may very well go back to doing three a week or even less if necessary.
      The best thing to do to get followers is to just go around to different blogs and start commenting on their stuff. Eventually they’ll click on your name and end up back at your blog! Another good way is to participate in blogathons, which are when bloggers give an assignment of sorts and then a bunch of other bloggers carry it out, and they get linked back to the original site. I participated in a couple last year and that’s how I got most of my followers. I also found that twitter really helps. A lot of people don’t want their emails crowded with reviews so they don’t subscribe, but it’s easier to follow the link from twitter so they do it that way. I’ve read places that it’s important to have a blog that’s focused so people will have something to latch on to. If your blog is just about EVERYTHING you like it might not do as well. I personally only follow movie blogs specifically because that’s what I’m interested in, but I’m sure other people are not as selective. I’ve just read that advice in a lot of places. Also, I think it’s important not to be too pushy. DO NOT go on to other people’s sites and be like “check out my blog!” because nobody likes that, and most people will delete your comment if you do that. But if make your enthusiasm for the subject known, people will recognize it and support you. I hope that was helpful to you! Good luck!

  3. Yes that was perfect! Thank you for taking the time to even respond! 😀

    • Great! I’m happy I could share my blogging knowledge with you, such that it is. I haven’t been at this too long, so I’m probably not the best source of information, but I’m happy I could help nonetheless!

  4. Hey i am from india and i believe you wouldn’t mind me taking this commenting process as one to improve my english.Any way one suggestion please review the movie Citizen Kane which i believe is the best ever example of a great cinema.

    • Ok cool! I will definitely review Citizen Kane, probably next month. It’s one of my favorite films, I’ve just been sort of intimidated by reviewing it because it’s one of the greatest ever!

    • I have been meaning to see that film! I did see another of Bergman’s films, Through a Glass Darkly, though I still prefer Persona which is the first one I saw. It’s crazy how good his films are!

        • Oh cool beans! I’ve heard that’s good as well. I’ve also been thinking about Cries and Whispers but it sounds pretty emotionally disturbing so I’m not sure I’ll watch it.

  5. Watership Down, Pink Floyd The Wall, Koyaanisqatsi, Mary and Max, Willy Wonka (the one and only original), just for starters. Better off with Netflix or YouTube if you want to find most of these.

    • I’ve seen Koyaanisqatsi, wasn’t a huge fan of the film but I was a huge fan of the soundtrack! I have also seen the original Willy Wonka. Scared the shit out me when I was a kid, but for some reason I look back on it quite fondly now. Have not seen the Tim Burton one though.
      I’ll take a look at the rest if they ever cross my path! Thanks for the recommendations!

  6. It’s divided opinion alot, but Spring Breakers is an unusual film. People either seem to love it or loathe it. You should check it out and see what you think.

    • Yeah I remember that one being quite divisive. Doesn’t really seem like I would like it, just based on what I heard about it, but if I get the opportunity to watch it for free or minimal cost, I probably will.

    • Yeah I do have to get around to that. It won’t happen anytime soon as I’m literally scheduled up halfway through March, but I’ll try to get them in 🙂

    • It’s not that I am opposed to reviewing documentaries, it’s just that I don’t tend to watch them as much as fictional movies. I did review one documentary, Harlan County USA about a coal miners strike in the 70s.

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