Hello, Blog. Long time, no see.

Here's my name in the credits of one of the movies I worked on, which only sort of proves my point

Here’s my (misspelled) name in the credits of one of the movies I worked on, which only sort of proves my point

Hello, everyone. The blogger has (re)entered the building.

I’ve dropped off the map before, but usually not for this long. Surprisingly, this wasn’t even because of a lack of motivation on my part; I honestly hadn’t seen any new movies since watch A Passage to India over break until I saw The Avengers in theaters last weekend. That is probably the longest I have ever gone (almost two months!) without seeing a new movie. The only things I watched were a couple episodes of Game of Thrones and 30 Rock, along with Kubrick movies for my Kubrick class (which were rewatches technically). Why this uncharacteristic lack of cinematic intake over the past couple of months you ask? Was is some weird vow I took? A dare? Did I just get fed up with movies altogether? No. I made some.

Man, that was dramatic. On the other side of it, it doesn’t seem as impressive as when I was actually in the middle of it, but nevertheless school took up all my time, especially during April. For one class alone, I worked as a cinematographer on three short films. We were shooting every weekend and I had no time at all really to focus on my other classes, let alone stay awake long enough to watch a feature film (those Kubrick films I mentioned earlier? Slept through a bunch of those). It was a lot of work, but it’s over now, so I’m gonna return to my roots and watch some movies.

I need more cinematic input, guys. I need to refresh myself and rediscover what is possible through the medium of film. If one doesn’t do that, all their stuff is going to look the same and it’s going to be really boring. I know it was impossible for my to watch movies while I was in the middle of shooting for class, but now that’s it’s over I really need to get back to it. I wouldn’t even be in film school right now if it wasn’t for the blog and the movies that inspired it. I’m sad I’m not shooting anymore, hence the rather muted tone of this post. But I have to remind myself what it’s like to watch movies, because I really haven’t in a while. And with that, I’m back.

Some things to look forward to: definitely a ranking of Kubrick films and the continuation of the Blindspot series, and possibly an animation themed month in August. I’ve wanted to do an animation month ever since I started the blog, and I was thinking of doing it in August to coincide with my Blindspot selection for that month (Snow White). As long as I have enough time (ha ha ha), it should work out pretty nicely. I always get hate for not having seen enough animated films, but we’ll see who’s laughing on the other side of August (maybe it’ll still be all the people telling me to watch more animation, but maybe it’ll be me, who knows?). I just need to rewatch Eyes Wide Shut and then I can rank Kubrick. Unfortunately with how much snow Boston got in the beginning of the year, we ran out of time in the class and didn’t get to watch Eyes Wide Shut, which was something I was really excited for. Ah well, I can do it on my own. I missed out doing the Blindspots for March and April, so I’ll be circling back to get those in the coming weeks. I actually watched 8 1/2, but was way too confused to do a post on it, so a rewatch is in order. Then I’ll get The Host (one of the ones I was most excited for), and continue on with the selection for May, The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeois. Also I might try to make video essays. Maybe I won’t, I literally just thought of it. But I enjoy watching them, need to get better at editing, and who doesn’t love analyzing movies?

So those are the summer plans for the blog. I’m sorry that I’ve been absent for so long, but hopefully it’s for the best and I’ll come back a better reviewer than ever. I promise I’ll start checking out what everyone’s been up to in my absence ASAP. I already have a bunch of posts (sort of) lined up, a revisit of Scorsese’s After Hours, the long awaited Kubrick rankings, and more immediately, a review of Sofia Coppola’s directorial debut, The Virgin Suicides, which I watched only this morning. Should be a fun time, for any readers that are still out there 🙂


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