The 86th Academy Awards…. The Winners


So here we are again at the Oscars. I actually get to watch it this year, so I’m going to be live blogging. Not that I’m really thinking anyone will read it because they’ll be on twitter or live blogging themselves, but it’ll save me a lot of time tomorrow. So once the ceremony actually starts, I’ll be back with all of my not so witty comments!

Best Supporting Actor….

Jared Leto. Yup, called that one (along with everyone else). 1/1 oh yeah. Though I still think he was underused in the film, and Fassbender should have won. I was just made aware of some dicey politics surrounding his casting, but nevertheless, he did turn in a good performance. (And more importantly my prediction average is beautiful right now.)

Costume Design….

The Great Gatsby. Shucks, down to a 50% average. The Great Gatsby‘s costumes seemed pretty elaborate, and I didn’t really have any strong feelings in this category. Seems as good as anything else.


Best Makeup and Hair styling…

Dallas Buyers Club, bringing me back up to 2/3. Really, could anyone see them giving it to anyone else? It just wasn’t gonna happen. I don’t have very strong feelings about this category either, so good for them.

Harrison Ford’s not sounding too good… hope he’s okay…

Animated Shorts….

Did not predict this but I’ll list the winner anyway: “Mr. Hublot.” Good for them, and this doesn’t affect my prediction average (for the record). This speech is really adorable.

Animated Feature….

Frozen… wow didn’t see that coming (lol). But seriously, the prediction average is getting better: 3/4. (Supposedly some of those people were from BU? I gotta check on that!)


Visual Effects….

Gravity wins. Again, not surprised at all. There will be a surprise somewhere along the way, right? Prediction average rises up to 4/5.

I’m also REALLY Lawrence of Arabia‘s awesome scene transition ended that montage. Random stuff but the ending was AWESOME. Lawrence blows out match; Will Smith’s face. NICE.

More updates from my politically savvy friend: brought this complete injustice to my attention. Not true in Gravity case as far as I know, but visual effects artist are getting shortchanged and considering how big a part it is of the business these days, and it’s just wrong. Had to bring it to readers’ attentions.

Live Action shorts….

“Helium,” good on them. Doesn’t affect my prediction average.

Documentary shorts…

“The Lady in Number Six: Music Saved My Life” Still no damage or help to my prediction average; listing for completeness.

“Who wants pizza?” *pregnant woman raises hand*

Documentary Feature….

20 Feet from Stardom, also didn’t predict this category, but I think that that’s what was expected to win. Good for them. (most used line of tonight) I’m so sorry one of the filmmakers died right before the film was released; that’s got to be horrible.

Best Foreign Language film….

The Great Beauty! These are some really predictable awards here, man. That brings my average up to 5/6. I’ll have to see the film, hope it ends up being at least as good as The Hunt.

And the Academy award for photobombing goes to… Benedict Cumberbatch!

Sound Mixing….

Gravity. I can’t say I’m surprised, but I’m still sad my prediction average is going down. I thought Llewyn Davis might pull through… even though that was kind of a dumb thought. 4/7.

Sound Editing…

Gravity. At least I had banked on this one. 5/8. I can’t remember the sound well enough to say who should have won or whatever, don’t really care about the outcomes.


Supporting Actress…

YEAH CHRISTOPH!!! Not like he won the award, ha ha. Thank the lord! So happy for Lupita Nyong’o, most deserved choice. Brings my average up to 7/9. Really, I don’t know what I would have done if Lawrence won. Really. That was a beautiful speech; I’m really glad she won.


Bill Murray is also my favorite person. Gravity. Moves up my average to 8/10. Good on Lubezki, even though I’m exasperated at how predictable things are getting around here.


Gravity. I’m getting really tired of seeing Gravity win everything. Not that it doesn’t deserve it, the film just didn’t hit me as much as it did everyone else so I’m just not enthusiastic. 9/11.

Production Design….

The Great Gatsby. Lost again, man. I guessed 12 Years a Slave would win, wanted Her, and The Great Gatsby got it. Ah well, this brings it back down to 9/12.


The memorial part is going to be brutal. So many fantastic members of the film industry died this past year. There are too many to name again here, so I’ll name those who had the most effect on me. RIP Julie Harris, Richard Griffiths, Eleanor Parker, Joan Fontaine, Harold Ramis, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter O’Toole, and Roger Ebert.


And after that lovely tribute we have another problem with the Academy cutting to commercials. Get it together, guys.

Jamie Foxx gets runner up for best presenter after Bill Murray. Pretty funny.

Original score…

Gravity, darn it, I wanted Her to win. I don’t remember Gravity‘s score so this is kind of awkward. This guy’s kind of adorable though, that makes it better. 9/13 (I’m starting to get into trouble here, guys.)

Original song…

“Let it Go” fairly predictable here. Brings my average up, and that was a great speech. I’m now crying and up to 10/14.

Adapted Screenplay…

12 Years a Slave, predicted correctly! It’s a good enough choice, haven’t seen Before Midnight and I wasn’t thinking Wolf would win for breaking the f-bomb record (it got the award that really matters, ha ha ha). 11/15

Original Screenplay….

If American Hustle wins I’ll be mad. HER! Yes, this is great news! Second win that I actually wasn’t 100% sure about and really wanted to win! This is wonderful, good for Spike Jonze and his unique work. 12/16


THEY JUST PLAYED THE LAWRENCE OF ARABIA THEME!!! So much Lawrence love, I love it!


Gotta cheer for Marty even though he’s not gonna win. Alfonso Cuaron gets it, should have know. AND I DID, so take that. Average goes up to 13/17.

Best Actress…

Cate Blanchett! I’m so happy for her! She is good in literally everything, Blue Jasmine included. I love the speeches where they congratulate all the other nominees, and nice congrats to Woody Allen. And more importantly GO FEMINISM! And my tv is cutting out in the middle of Blanchett’s speech, wtf?!? My average is up to 14/18 though, so that’s good, and I know whose  I’m looking up tomorrow!


I now have no sound, watching with closed captions.

Best Actor….

Mathew McConaughey. You know, these may have been fairly unpredictable beforehand but all of my predictions are pretty much making it. The only ones I’m losing are the ones I took riskier chances on. Also, I still can’t hear anything so despite staying up this late I’ll still have speeches to watch tomorrow. Average is up to 15/19. Sound is back, ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!

The big one…. BEST PICTURE…..

Remember last year when Nicholson had to introduce Michelle Obama who presented best picture? Glad they didn’t go with that bullshit this year.

AND 12 YEARS A SLAVE WINS IT! I WAS RIGHT OH YEAH! It wasn’t my first choice, but definitely not my last and I’m glad it won and I’m glad I predicted it correctly! Give me a while for the wrap up because I’m pretty beat right now. My average ends at 16/20 which comes to 80%, which is approximately 12 percentage points up from last year! So much for these Oscars being unpredictable!


Final tally: Gravity gets the most with 6, Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave come in second with 3, Frozen and The Great Gatsby both get 2, and Blue Jasmine, The Great Beauty, and Her all take home 1. I am also a winner with an 80% prediction average, way up from last year! I’m reasonably happy with the way things turned out, and most of all happy to focus on 2014 films.

Before that though, I’m going to add it a little wrap up for Best Picture month, which only consisted of ten films because I’m a slacker: The Deer Hunter, How Green Was My Valley, American Beauty, Gigi, Tom Jones, Gentleman’s Agreement, The Silence of the Lambs, The Last Emperor, West Side Story, and Schindler’s List. Schindler’s List is objectively the best, but being so hard to watch I can’t say it’s my favorite. That title either goes to Tom Jones or West Side Story, with The Silence of the Lambs close behind. The only ones I really didn’t like were How Green Was My Valley and Gentleman’s Agreement, and I’m looking forward to filling in more of my viewing gaps next year.

That’s officially it for the 86th Oscars, and Best Picture Month 2014. Thanks for reading and here’s to next year being even better!

13 responses to “The 86th Academy Awards…. The Winners

  1. Ps- seriously I know the difference between ‘one’ and ‘won’ – mental slip…was going to comment about her already having ‘one’

  2. I have watched precisely 10 seconds of the Oscars (twitter is a godsend) and missing Bill Murray’s shout out to Harold Ramis will be the only thing I will have hoped to of seen live.

    • Yeah… to be honest you haven’t really missed much. Bill Murray’s entire presentation was great, heartbreaking when it comes to Ramis.

  3. Wait, they’re three and a half hours in and still have 10 to go? Ouch!

  4. Very cool of you to blog through. The Oscars crashed twitter-verse, so there was a delay on info…but your blog covered it nicely…:)

    • Thanks! My blog just did crash for a minute or so but I got it back. Thank you for reading, I thought everyone would be on twitter (and it looks like they are) and no one would be reading me.
      Twitter has actually been fine for me, although I haven’t been on it this entire time.
      We’re coming down to the wire here, hope I can make it ha ha!

  5. The comic slant on twitter has been quite enjoyable. Hope your picks come through…:)

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