Season 1, Episodes 1-5, Star Trek: The Original Series

titlesequencegif_startrektheoriginalseriesHello, everyone! Welcome to my first ever television show post! I skipped the pilots on this one (yes there are more than one, strangely) and just delved right in!

Season 1, Episode 1: “The Man Trap”


Original Airdate: 8 September 1966
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Wikipedia synopsis:”The Enterprise visits planet M-113 for a routine medical inspection of the husband-wife archaeological team stationed there, but the crew finds that the wife has been replaced by a deadly, shape-shifting creature.”
I didn’t get a favorite quote or do a commentary for this one, sorry about that.

I found the plot of this one pretty ridiculous. I’m not even sure why, because it’s just as ridiculous as the rest of them, but maybe because this was their first episode and it really didn’t have a first episode kind of feel to it (since they didn’t air the pilots I guess). I’m also really conflicted about Bones basically being the main character here. I mean, he is my favorite, but it was weird to see him as the main character because that meant he was being more serious and less sarcastic and hilarious than usual, which put me off somewhat. I really loved the part where Uhura was flirting with Spock and Spock was not having any of it. I kind of see where the complaints about them being together in the reboot come from because old series Spock would not even go there. I think Uhura’s cooler in the new ones though, so I guess I’m still okay with it.

Season 1, Episode 2: “Charlie X”


Original Airdate: 15 September 1966
Directed by: Lawrence Dobkin
Wikipedia synopsis: “While traveling aboard the Enterprise, a dangerous young man named Charlie Evans terrorizes the crew with his unusual mental powers.This episode serves as the backstory for the unofficial mini-series Star Trek: Of Gods and Men.”
Favorite quote: “No laughing!”
Tumblr commentary

So this was interesting. I definitely think they’re still getting into their groove here, but maybe that will last for the entire season or something, I don’t know. The best thing about this episode was probably that Kirk was trying to be a father figure to Charlie and completely failed. While this hasn’t really been developed yet, we all know Kirk is a pretty big womanizer so him giving advice to Charlie on women really cracked me up. I realize it’s not really a problem since Kirk is technically not portrayed that way very much as of yet, but still. I was having a hard time with that one. I also really liked when Kirk and McCoy were fighting over who would take the parenting duties; that was great. Also I was disappointed that Spock lost to Kirk in chess; that feels totally unrealistic to me. Uhura singing was also kind of weird, but she was actually pretty decent.

Season 1, Episode 3: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”


Original Airdate: 22 September 1966
Directed by: James Goldstone
Wikipedia synopsis: “After the Enterprise attempts to cross the Great Barrier at the edge of the galaxy, crew members Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner develop ‘godlike’ psychic powers which threaten the safety of the crew.”
Favorite Quote: “I need recommendations Spock, not vague warnings.”
Tumblr commentary

This one was pretty good but it was also really weird because a lot of things were different. McCoy and Uhura weren’t even there, and Chekov was also not there but he hasn’t been in any of these so far so that’s not unusual. This episode really reminded me of the fifth movie with it’s ideas about a benevolent god, though I think the movie may have handled it better because they were actually setting out to find god whereas here there was no doubt they were actually people with superhuman powers. The superhuman powers reminded me a lot of Star Wars actually, I wonder if that’s a coincidence?

Season 1, Episode 4: “The Naked Time”


Original Airdate: 29 September 1966
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Wikipedia synopsis: “A strange, intoxicating infection, which lowers the crew’s emotional inhibitions, spreads throughout the Enterprise. As the madness spreads, the entire ship is endangered.”
Favorite Quote: “You don’t outrank me and you don’t have pointed ears so just get off my neck!”
Tumblr commentary

This is the best one in the series so far, hands down. Everybody starts revealing their inner personalities and it’s great. Spock cries for about five minutes, which is definitely a sight to see. Basically the entire ship goes crazy, which happens in every episode really, but in this one it’s because they’re being themselves so it’s interesting. This episode really shows that the Vulcan idea of controlling your emotions, which all the humans seem to have problems with a lot, is actually a very good idea. This was a really good episode. I laughed, I cried, oh it was great.

Season 1, Episode 5: “The Enemy Within”


Original Airdate: 6 October 1966
Directed by: Leo Penn
Wikipedia synopsis: “While beaming up from planet Alpha 177, a transporter accident splits Captain Kirk into two beings: one “good,” who is weak and indecisive, and one “evil,” who is overly aggressive and domineering.”
Favorite quote: “I’M CAPTAIN KIRK!”
Tumblr commentary

This one explores one of my favorite themes: the good and evil within oneself. While it’s no Heart of Darkness or anything, it’s the same basic idea and being Star Trek is clearly easier to digest. This episode was unusual because I was actually able to predict what was going to happen, and I’m usually terrible at predicting things. That disapointed me somewhat as it had me questioning Spock’s intelligence which is never a good thing. Shatner got a chance to show off in this episode as he had to play two different parts of himself, and he actually did a pretty good job considering. Kirk and Spock had a great bonding moment as well when Spock confesses that the human side of himself and the Vulcan side of himself are always at war with each other, and it’s intelligence that keeps him going.

Click here for the next group of episodes (S1, E6-10)


11 responses to “Season 1, Episodes 1-5, Star Trek: The Original Series

  1. Hi, Hunter:

    ‘Star Trek’ had me from the opening, immediate beam down in ‘The Man Trap’. Something new and completely different (even in B&W) that replaced the dramatic landings of command ships and opened the door for character driven stories that employed minimal, yet superbly executed (for its time) special effects.

    Roddenberry took a page from Roger Corman in “Bring out your big guns first!” And allow them to set the tone for what follows. And the next three episodes of ‘Star Trek’ rocked!

    ‘Charlie X’ revealed the use and misuse of unchecked power in the hands of a damaged child. While ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ extended that range and reach with former Roddenberry alum, Gary Lockwood (“The Lieutenant’) by adding ego to the mix.

    ‘The Enemy Within’ is a great articulation of what is required of command and the presence of ruthlessness in even simple decision taking. Setting the stage for probably the first and one of the better intellectual face offs between Kirk and Spock.

    Nicely done!

    • Yeah in terms of the effects, the sets were pretty bad but the model work (at least I’m assuming it was model) was pretty good. I totally bought into that.
      Agreed on all fronts, Jack. Nice sum up of the episodes.
      Yeah, I hope I get some more Kirk/Spock stuff in coming episodes. I also really like the banter between Spock and McCoy too, so I’m looking forward to that as well. 🙂
      Thanks! Glad you liked it!

  2. i knew you would have a field day with these you english person you 😀
    somethings i might be able to clear up, you werent kidding about multiple pilots. then they confused things by airing them out of order. technically where no man has gone before was the 2nd pilot, but they aired it third. the result is dr mccoy suddenly and inexplicably vanishes, along with uhura, because they werent there yet…annoying. but then since the man trap was filmed after that, it was really the first episode with mccoy so they gave him the a story as an intro i guess. the result is the episode that seems like it should be expositioning the series serves only to spotlight mccoy. which is just weird. sadly chekov was a pretty late addition so you wont be seeing him until midway through 2nd season at least. i really liked the naked time and the enemy within for the insight we get into vulcans, spock in particular. and youre right, spocks intelligence gets questioned a lot mostly because kirk gets the spotlight on everything because this is the 60s. though kirk winning at chess is kind of an inside joke in the series, again emphasizing the 60s style putting down of the alien because hes not human and he lacks the little something that would allow him to win. that is one thing they never seem to be able to let go, they keep bugging spock to be more human, it kinda annoys me actually. but thats tos for you!

    • That’s some crazy mixed up stuff they have going one. I wonder how people dealt with that in ’66? Were they just like “oh mccoy’s not here that’s weird” or what? lol
      Yeah I can’t wait for Chekov to come. Love that guy! He was in the trouble with tribbles of course and that was like halfway through season two… I definitely mention it when he appears 🙂
      I mean, in some cases it makes sense to try to get Spock to be more human, but I feel like he would be winning at chess right? Seems like a Vulcan kind of game lol. Though I suck at chess myself, so what do I know? Spock got his moment to shine in the enemy within though, that was awesome!

    • with the chess thing i think theyre following the element of surprise logic (pun intended) one story goes that these two chess masters were playing and one was getting the advantage over the other, using strategy. suddenly the apparent loser sacrificed his queen pointlessly. the apparent winner was so thrown off by the random useless move that he was unable to focus and ended up losing. element of surprise i guess. and yeah the enemy within is a great one. first neck pinch, which was all leonard nimoy btw. he had a lot of influence on a lot of the stuff we identify with vulcans. they wanted spock to punch bad kirk out but nimoy felt that the vulcans were more peaceful/subtle than that. he came up with the neck pinch, and sold it to one of the higher ups using william shatner as an example. told him what he wanted to do, marched into the guys office and neck pinched shatner. apparently they liked it. also the kahn episode is space seed 🙂

      • Ok well, see? I just don’t know chess.
        I guess I see what they’re going for, but my money’s still on Spock.
        Awesome neck pinch story! Is “neck pinch” the official name? Because in my ignorance I’ve always referred to it as the “vulcan nerve pinch.” Don’t know why….
        Leonard Nimoy’s the man. And now we also know how creative he is too. 🙂
        Yeah I thought that was the one with Khan. I read about it in some article some where but couldn’t remember the full title. Space Seed, got it. 🙂

        • yes i believe the technical term is the vulcan neck pinch 🙂 it might be nerve pinch, ive heard both. but this is star trek, just out the word vulcan in front of it and youre good lol

  3. Awesome Hunter! Look at those eyes, ahah. I guess tumblr is a great source for awesome gifs, so glad you include some here. Since I don’t think I’ll be watching the shows, your posts let me live vicariously thru you 😀

    • ha ha no problem 🙂 That’s what blogs are for! Once I get through them all I’m planning on doing a top ten list of them, so I can direct you towards good ones if you ever feel like watching them. If you don’t then at least you can get some good background info!
      Yeah gifs are really fun. I just learned how to make them last night, though I did get that one off of tumblr. It took a bit of doing but I think I got it now, hopefully I’ll be able to use more of them over here in the future (though the ones I find on tumblr look better than ones I’ve made so far; I’ve gotten better though after making a few).

      • Oh that’s great! Yes do recommend me some good ones, I know someone at work steered me towards this one episode called Seed or something, I forgot already.

        Gif-making are fun but it can be addictive! I know I used to have a tumblr for Gregory Peck and it sucked up all my blogging time 😀

        • Yeah I feel like that’s the one where Khan first appears? I don’t remember what the full title is either but it rings a bell. I haven’t watched that one yet though.
          Yeah tumblr in general is a big time killer. Sometimes mindless fangirling is needed though. 🙂 I think I follow someone a gregory peck themed tumblr too ha ha!

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