Ranking Tarantino… The Actors


I’m sure you are all getting as tired of reading these things as I am of writing them. I’ve modified this one slightly to make it shorter, and then I promise this will be the last one. When I get through another director’s filmography I’m going to space these posts out more, because it’s really exhausting to write four posts in two days, and I miss reviewing new movies.

The last aspect I’m ranking Taratino on is the actors he chooses. He tend to repeat himself, but it’s not as widespread as I originally thought. So I’m making this a top five instead of a top ten. An actor has to be in at least two Tarantino films to be considered, and they have to be playing different characters (so only being in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2 doesn’t count).

The Regulars:

Coming in at number five is….


Tim Roth’s role in Reservoir Dogs is obviously more important, but I thought I get a picture of him in his Pulp Fiction role just for variety’s sake. I love him in both films, but in Dogs he has a bigger part. He gets to be a lot funnier in Pulp Fiction though, which is always good. His character’s name is Pumpkin, after all.

Coming in at number four is…


Harvey Keitel has been in three Tarantino movies: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and he has a very small voice part in Inglourious Basterds. I like Keitel in general, and he does really well in Tarantino movies. He was good with a more central role in Reservoir Dogs, his voice part in Basterds was perfect and really amusing, but his role in Pulp Fiction is definitely the best. I love him as The Wolf. He solves problems.

Coming in at number three is…


Uma Thurman has been in a good amount of Tarantino films: Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol. 1, and Kill Bill Vol. 2. Unlike the last two entries on this list, she was the lead in those last two films. She was great in all of those films though, and I’ve never seen her in anything else. I don’t know if that should work in her favor or not, but I’m sort of inclined to think so.

Coming in at number two is…


Man, I’m really tempted to put Christoph Waltz at number one, and if he makes another film with Tarantino sometime in the future, it may just happen. For now, I have to put him at number two. What he and Tarantino have done is amazing though; Hans Landa and King Schultz are both in my top five Tarantino characters, Waltz won Oscars for both performances, and Tarantino won an Oscar for Django Unchained. He’s the best part of both of those films. I really hope they keep them coming.

Coming in at number one is…

thelightingisweirdbutwhatever_pulpfictionSamuel L Jackson has to get the top spot on this one, as much as I want to give it to Christoph Waltz. Jackson’s been in more Tarantino films than any one else (as far as I can tell): Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Django Unchained, with small parts in Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Inglourious Basterds. Not to mention that he plays Jules, the best character in Tarantino’s entire filmography.

Well, I’m glad that’s over. I had a lot of pictures from Pulp Fiction in this post, which prompts me to announce what the other part of this post would have been: ranking the casts of the various films. I don’t think I have to tell you that Pulp Fiction would have won. I have no idea about the rest of them though; Pulp Fiction‘s is so huge but the rest of them are all of comparable size for the most part. Well, it’s been fun going through Tarantino’s filmography, and I’ll be excited to come back to it in a couple months…

This isn’t from a Tarantino movie, but it describes my feelings perfectly and I feel like we could all use a break from him:



6 responses to “Ranking Tarantino… The Actors

  1. Hi, Hunter:

    Excellent piece of work! Another well detailed, selected and defended.

    Time to take a deep breath, relax and bask after a worthwhile and appreciated task.

    Tarantino has a knack of finding the right cast member, old and new to pull the plow.
    Still think the Robert Forster/Pam Grier team up in ‘Jackie Brown’ is one of the best in telling an outskirts of L.A. Elmore Leonard tale.

    • Why thank you.
      Ha ha! I wish that were so. I’m still not done with my Fight Club review, which is turning about to be almost as grueling as this was. Once that’s done, though, it will be nothing but fun times ahead!
      Yeah, he’s good at casting and all of his films show that. Pulp Fiction has the biggest and the best, so I had to go with that one.

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