Hey! Look over there!

I’ve been featured on another blog!

Fogs of Fogs’ Movie Reviews has a running feature called “Readers Recommendations” where he formally pursues films that he has somehow missed, suggested by his readers. This week, he tackles Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train, recommended by none other than yours truly. Follow the link below to see what he thought!


I’m always happy to bring the suspense of Hitchcock to others, and thanks to Fogs for allowing me to participate!


8 responses to “Hey! Look over there!

    • There are some Hitchcocks I don’t like, but there aren’t many and this definitely isn’t one of them. It is most definitely a classic, glad you approve 🙂

  1. Hi, Melissa:

    Classic early Hitchcock. One of his best and most tension taut and suspenseful offerings. Along with “Rope” and “Shadow of a Doubt”.

    They just don’t make gleeful bad guys like Bruno Anthony anymore.

    • Hey Jack!
      I agree, definitely. I’m not a big fan of Shadow of a Doubt, actually, but I loved Rope. Very suspenseful. Anytime somebody went near that chest I freaked out!
      Bruno is defintiely one of the best Hitchcock villains, that’s for sure. He’s so nice at the beginning, but also so creepy! He always talks to Guy like they’re friends even though he doesn’t know his very well/he’s stalking him or threatening him. Such a creepy guy, but strangely likable as well.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting!

    • Yay! That’s always a plus!
      For some reason it’s not letting me reply over at your site (maybe cuz it doesn’t allow that many comments back and forth?) and it’s not showing up at the top there either…
      But anyway, you’ve seen quite a few! I haven’t seen Torn Curtain but it sounds really good! It continues to surprise me how many big name actors Hitch got to work with that I was previously unaware of (Julie Andrews and Paul Newman!!). I haven’t seen The Man Who Knew Too Much either but I’m very excited to, given it’s Jimmy Stewart and he’s been great in Hitch’s films that I’ve seen so far. That’s cool you have the box set though… but beware of Marnie. Hitchcock directing Sean Connery sounds amazing but it’s really not…. Connery was pretty good but Tippi Hedron wasn’t. 😦 Might break your record of liking all the Hitchcock’s.
      *cough cough* you should also see Notorious *cough cough*

    • You’re blocked. I blocked you.

      LOL 😉 I dont know, these things come and go…

      I basically want to see all of them, even his early ones. Thats a massive, massive filmography, and I think it would be quite an accomplishment to check ’em all off!

      I’ll take it under advisement about Marnie, and bump Notorious up the list 😀

      • Noooooo! I’ve been blooooockeed! (ha ha)
        Oh man he made a little over 50 films. It’s a daunting task to see all of them, that’s for sure. I’m going to try for it as well, so far I’ve seen 20.

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