6 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. The incomparable Brando in On The Waterfront.

    There are so many great moments in this film , but it always gets me in this scene as Terry’s telling Edie his history. Right in the middle of it he stops and says, “…But what am I runnin’ off at the mouth for? What do you care…?”

    Apparently Brando improvised that. It was not in the script, and it wasn’t Elia Kazan’s idea. But It’s brilliant, a sudden flash of life. Brando’s so in it.

    • It is none other than On the Waterfront (1954), directed by Elia Kazan and starring Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, and Eva Marie Saint.
      I love Brando. He’s my favorite actor. I’ve heard he also made up the thing where he takes Edie’s glove and puts in on which is in the same scene I think.

  2. oh man the only reason i would have gotten this was the jacket that hes wearing…its the same one that he wears in the famous line scene. XD

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